Federal Reserve

Senator Carter Glass was deeply involved in financial legislation

Among the many accomplishments of the Wilson administration, we must include the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. Continue reading


Women’s Work in Wartime

Just as they did famously during World War Two, American women took on more types of work during the Great War than most of them could find during times of peace. The country organized for the production of huge amounts of weapons and supplies, using as much labor as possible, while the conscription of men left many of their regular jobs short of workers. So, women had chances at new opportunities in the labor market. Many of these wartime jobs were not well-paid or particularly easy. They did, however, provide the opportunity for new experiences and better incomes. Continue reading

Sailing to Paris

Edith and Woodrow Wilson sailed to Europe soon after the war ended with great fanfare at home and even more celebration when they got to France. Edith wrote in a letter from the ship that the docks were lined with men and women at attention to send them off. Every effort was made to keep the president comfortable as he sailed off to take part in the peace negotiations, including carrier pigeons on board to bring last-minute messages back to New York.

Feuer Books

The library has a room full of shelves containing 0750936398.01._SX142_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_history books and texts from the early twentieth century, including those written by Woodrow Wilson, for researchers to use while working here. Now scholars can get an idea of what printed resources are on hand in our library before making the trip to Staunton by browsing through the research library collection at our website. Continue reading