Exciting News!



The Library of Congress has finished scanning the microfilm of their material from the Wilson administration, and has now made it available online at the Woodrow Wilson Papers. You can now search through the records of the 280,000 documents relating to the Woodrow Wilson to find things by LC Subject Headings. So that means that means if you want to look up Herbert Hoover, you can find over one thousand documents related to him in the Wilson collection. Many topics have not been covered by subject headings, though, so most researchers will still want to use the index or the finding aid online. It is just that now you won’t have to track down the microfilm to find what you are looking for. You can get it right on your computer immediately.

This comes just as the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library has posted a new round of transcripts to our World War I Letters to mark the hundred year anniversary of American involvement in the Great War. Most of these items come from those microfilm reels at the Library of Congress, so take a look at the sort of things we will be doing with this material in the coming year. Much of our work involves creating searchable transcripts and adding further metadata to make things a bit easier to find. The documents are not always easier to read, however. Check out President Wilson’s letter to Arthur Brisbane at LoC and at the Wilson Library sites to compare some ways that the documents are presented differently.

This is a rich time to be researching President Wilson. In addition to the Wilson Papers at the Library of Congress and our recent digitization of the Cary T. Grayson Papers, Rotunda Press, with the support of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, has also made the published version of the Papers of Woodrow Wilson Digital Edition available and completely searchable online for anyone at an institution with a subscription. That includes us here at the Wilson Library! We better get to work!