Digital Exhibit on Segregation

CS66aThe Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library recently created a digital exhibit on the issue of segregation during the Wilson administration.

Althea Cupo, who designed the exhibit, said, “When I started researching for the exhibit, I expected there to be two perspectives on segregation: the White perspective and the African-American perspective. What I found was six or seven different perspectives. While people’s opinions were often drawn on racial lines, they weren’t always. The segregation controversy of 1914 resembled a modern debate much more than it did anything you would find in a history book.”

Cupo says the aim of the exhibit was to show the variety of opinions that existed on segregation. Since Wilson played a largely passive role in the debate on segregation , the exhibit focuses on the American people’s response to Wilson’s stance on segregation through the lens of their letters to the president, particularly around a single fiery conflict in his office with representatives of the NAACP in what became known as the Trotter Incident.

The exhibit can be viewed here: