Wartime Washington

After the declaration of war, it took awhile for the United States to get the military and the economy geared up for the international conflict.

Eleanor Randolph Wilson McAdoo

As we can see from this letter from Nell McAdoo to her sister, Washington first knew the war by the flurry of foreign visitors who were eager to get American help. Nell, Woodrow Wilson’s daughter, who was very familiar with affairs of state wrote on April 26, 1917: “To-night we go to the White House to meet Viviani and General Joffre and the French commission, and I am very much thrilled at the thought. It is all tremendously thrilling—having the English and French here—and meeting and talking to them, for it makes me feel as if we really were active partners with them in the great cause.”

Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre



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