Feuer Books

The library has a room full of shelves containing 0750936398.01._SX142_SY224_SCLZZZZZZZ_history books and texts from the early twentieth century, including those written by Woodrow Wilson, for researchers to use while working here. Now scholars can get an idea of what printed resources are on hand in our library before making the trip to Staunton by browsing through the research library collection at our website.



Our books include many titles on World War I, as you might expect. On April 2nd, 1917, President Wilson delivered a war message to a special session of Congress. After several days of debate, both houses passed the resolution of war against Germany, and Wilson signed it one hundred years ago, today, April 6th. So, it is fitting to make the book catalog available now, on the anniversary of America’s entering the War, especially since we were lucky enough recently to receive many items from the Feuer Collection. In his work as a historian, Bud Feuer amassed photographs, letters, articles, and about 150 books about the Great War that were given to us for our research library. These are now available to anyone who wants to come in and work in the reading room.


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