Sheepish Business: World War One and Sheep on the White House Lawn



A flock of sheep grazed on the White House lawn for several years, beginning in the spring of 1918. With the American entry into World War I, the sheep saved manpower by keeping the grass trimmed, but their most valuable contribution to the country’s war effort was their wool.

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Lightening the Cruel Strain – Mrs. Wilson’s Sewing Machine

P1050014Displayed proudly in the Manse’s front parlor looking out toward what was once the Valley Pike, a 1850s sewing machine stands – an example of formerly cutting edge home appliances and progressive marketing. The design for the sewing machine was patented in 1850 by creator Allen B. Wilson and sold by the Wilson & Wheeler Company out of Bridgeport, Connecticut. The treadle-powered sewing machine would revolutionize Allen Wilson’s company emerging from a small operation in 1850 to having over 1,000 employees by the 1900s. Continue reading