New Collections Blog at WWPL

As the world’s only museum dedicated to showcasing Woodrow Wilson’s life and career, we at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library are pleased to welcome over 20,000 visitors each year to view our museum and tour the home where our 28th President was born in 1856. However, only a small fraction of our collection is currently on display.  Our new blog will allow us to showcase the hidden treasures of our object and archival collections. From an antique meat-grinder to old children’s toys, or a military outfit from World War I to propaganda posters from that time period, we have many great objects to share with you. Join us to read about some pretty cool stuff and bring history to life one artifact at a time. We will be posting regularly on some of our favorite items and documents and look forward to interacting with you here and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

World War I Poster1975.001.041 2013.003.066     1975.032.022


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